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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buddy is 6! Arf.

I saw this party idea and was sad that Baby X already had his birthday. Then I realized that Buddy loves dogs. I showed him the blog and he loved the idea.

Today is Buddy's actual birthday (and Jed and my nine year anniversary), but we had his party last Saturday. Here are the details:

The Invitation:

Designed on Smilebox.com, printed out and mailed.

The Prep:

Dog bowls for their cake.

Dog collars. Each kid picked either their own name, or a doggy name.

Doggy Ears headband.

Jed, the better cake decorator, was nice and decorated the dog food cake for me. I caught him with a mouth full of cereal.

Dog Food Cake. Just a regular cake, baked in a bowl, flipped, frosted and covered in Reese's Puffs cereal. The blog where I got the idea used a real dog bowl. I was too cheap to buy a dog bowl I'd never use again.

The Gift Bags:

Each gift bag contained the following items, plus a
doggy pencil, doggy stickers and piñata candy.

Paw print pops... Princess Sparkley and my first attempt at making candy.

Puppy Chow for the gift bags.

Dog bone sugar cookies.

Decorating for the Party:

I bought Ty Beanie Baby dogs on ebay (6 for under $10).
Then a "handkerchief" of doggy fabric I had leftover from a blanket I made my nephew to tie around the doggy necks.

Piñata from Party City full of Easter sale candy.

The Party:
After the kids had made their collars and headbands, we read McDuff Moves In and Don't Lick the Dog. Afterwards, I realized I could have had a lot of fun with Dog's Colorful Day too. After the books, we went to Doggy Obedience School where the doggies learned to sit, lay, speak, and roll over.

We played "fetch" and they received Scooby Snacks as their rewards.

We played Doggy Doggy Who's Got Your Bone?

Princess Sparkley as Spunky.

I bought these little food boxes at Michaels and used them as "doggy houses" for the Beanie Baby dogs.

The doggies.

Doggy Fido blowing out his candles.

Princess Sparkley and Buddy helped me make dog themed place mats. I offered to let the kids eat like dogs without their forks. They all wanted bowls of water (which I refused) and to eat on the floor (which I refused), but I noticed that they all used their forks.

The thank yous will be a picture of each doggy... with a note written in "dog." Arf arf. Woof woof. Car race track. Bark bark. From, Fido.


Ann Best said...

These photos take me back to the days when my children were as young as yours. Thank you for sharing. My youngest is now 41. It's amazing how time does "fly." So enjoy them while they're home. And you home school, too. That is wonderful. I see you don't tell online where in Virginia you live. My daughter Jen and I recently met M. Gray in person; she lives in Manassas. She's another contracted author like me with WiDo Publishing. If you email and tell me where you are, maybe Jen and I can drop by sometime and say hello. My other three children and seven grandchildren live in No. Virginia: in Warrenton, Haymarket, and Centreville. I promise I'll keep your address confidential. It's so exciting to find members of the church through blogging.

Angela said...

Can you raise my children for me????

Purple Cow said...

My daughter turns six in two weeks but I don't think I have the capacity to prepare so much stuff!
Still, I find this inspiring, I might steal the pinata idea, too, if you don't mind.

PS I came across your blog from your husband's site! Hope you don't mind me commenting!

Take care!

wendys said...

I love the party idea. Good job!

Kristi said...

We've been out of town for a week, so I'm just now commenting. You did a fabulous job. I will now try to steer Owen into liking dogs just so I can copy your party. So awesome.

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