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Thursday, April 08, 2010


I'm not an athletic person. I mean, I love sports. But watching them, not actually playing them. People have a hard time understanding this about me. Women from church are always trying to get me to come play volleyball or basketball with other women from church. Why would I want to relive high school PE all over again? As an adult? When I don't have to? I get that if you liked playing sports, it would be fun. But otherwise, no thanks.

It's the same with my in-laws. I married into a family of people who like to go outside and play football or soccer as part of their Thanksgiving festivities. When I first married into the family, it seemed like a much bigger deal. Now, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. And there are grandkids old enough to join in with the sports so no one is badgering me to get out there and join in on the "fun."

People don't understand that because it's their "fun," it isn't everyone's.

That being said, I do love watching sports. Especially baseball, which most people don't understand. (Not the sport, but why anyone would want to watch it.) With baseball season starting up this week, the kids and I have been discussing our teams.

St. Louis Zoo 4/2007
Buddy has since lost this hat, got a new one and found this hat... so I've claimed this as my own. And this was before Baby X, but he has his own Red Sox had too. But still, one family, three different team hats.

I'm a Red Sox fan. Born and raised that way in southern California by a dad who has been a Red Sox fan since he was a kid, even though he too was born and raised in southern California.

Jed is a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, even though they haven't had a winning season forever. He was born in Pittsburgh and thus cheers for all Pittsburgh sports teams, and baseball is his favorite of the sports.

Since we were living in the Los Angeles area when Princess Sparkley was born, Jed decided she'd be our Dodger fan. He bought her a Dodger hat at the mall when she was about two and firmly supports her team.

We were still in southern California when Buddy was born and decided he'd be our Angels fan. This hasn't really worked out for us so far because he came to love the Red Sox like me and his grandpa.

Following this line of thought, Baby X is supposed to me our Kansas City Royals fan. We'll see what he decides. Today he was walking around with a play golf club and a ball trying to pretend he was playing hockey while yelling, "See! Baseball game."

And now we're in DC and we'll begin cheering a bit for the Nationals. I suppose.

The conversation the kids and I were having in the car earlier this week went something like this.

Me: I only really hate the Yankees because they are the big Red Sox rival. So no matter what I'll cheer against the Yankees.

PS: I might always cheer against the Yankees. I don't know.

Me: I used to really dislike the Mets as well, because they beat the Red Sox in a playoff game when I was a little girl (1986), and my best friend all of a sudden became a Mets fan and that made me mad. But I don't think I still dislike the Mets.

PS: Why did your best friend do that?

Me: I don't know.

PS: Maybe [Baby X] will start cheering for the Mets then.

At this point we've parked and are out of the car in a large parking lot.

Me: Why would he cheer for the Mets? I don't hate them like the Yankees, but I don't exactly want him to cheer for them.

Random man walking pass: (smiles laughingly at this conversation).


Buddy got his T-ball team assignment this week and starts practice today. He's a Yankee. I hope he handles this well. I hope my dad handles this well. :)

*Buddy in his Halloween costume from 2005. It still fits (barely, size 4t) and he goes through phases when he tries to wear it every day in a row. I've actually just hidden it from him (it got pulled out with all of his shorts a couple weeks ago) because my parents have bought him a new, bigger Red Sox jersey for his birthday at the end of the month.


delilas said...

Let's Go Bucs!!! Baseball is fun because the tickets are affordable for a family. When we lived in Pittsburgh they had Buck night all the time so we went to a lot of games. They were sort of good then, early 90s. I really dislike the Braves and then the Yankees.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

For the record, the Pirates' last winning season was not "forever" ago, as you suggest, but 1992. It's pretty easy to get snooty about winning now that your team has won a couple World Series.

Alanna said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Except I'm a Mariners fan. But I like to watch baseball, not play it, and the Yankees are evil. We refer to them as the Team of Darkness.

Kristi said...

No surprise that I'm a Cubs fan. And as the saying goes, "Anyone can have a bad century!" The Red Sox give me hope.

M. Gray said...

That's hilarious that your little man is now playing for the Yankees. Too bad our boys didn't end up on the same team.

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