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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Jed's mom makes Baklava each Easter as part of her Greek heritage (her maternal grandpa was Greek). She is kind enough to mail it to each of her kids since they've all grown up and moved away from home. I've been thinking for awhile I should learn how to make it someday for our family, and also so that when another church activity comes up asking people to bring food dish from their cultural heritage, I have something to bring.* I saw and saved this recipe** (with lots of step by step pictures) for baklava several years ago and Saturday night, with cutting help from Jed, I made it.

Jed cutting nice diagonal lines for me after I layered 8 billion layers of Fillo dough and butter.

Baked, but with no syrup poured on yet.

After pouring the honey/sugar/syrup on top, waiting to set.

Cut and being eaten.

Yum. Notice Buddy's lips in the background.

*Two years ago in Kansas I just took Snickerdoodles to a church cultural activity figuring they were yummy, sounded German, and Jed has German ancestors. Last month, I took aebleskivers to a church cultural activity, but I'm not an expert aebleskiver maker, they are hard to make in bulk, and they don't taste good not right out of the pan warm.

**I used pecans instead of almonds because I don't like almonds. They are gross.


Jill said...

Ahh i want some. have another blog contest

delilas said...

Do you need help eating that? I know where you live, heheh. I thought it was made with pee-cans or pe-cons, not almonds, either way it looks delish, good job.

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