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Friday, March 19, 2010

Without Homeschooling

Jed is the huge push behind homeschooling in our family. He feels very strongly about it. I would be okay with sending my kids to public school and I'm okay with homeschooling them. These feelings fluctuate from day to day, but that's the average.

Every once in awhile either Jed or I have a panic day where we think we're ruining our kids lives. Or they need something a public school can offer that we can't. Or the kids are just being difficult. And Jed says something along the lines of, "we should just send them to school."

My reaction to this goes both ways. First, I begin to think how easy that would be. Then I panic about how I'd react to sending them to school. And how they'd react (PS would love it, Buddy... I think would be too nervous at his current age and disposition). Then I start worrying about what they'd learn at school that I don't want them to learn. Or what they won't learn that they should. It goes on and on. I can worry about public school just as much as I worry about homeschooling.

The biggest thing to hit me is what I would do with my day if I had the two big kids gone all day. I begin by thinking about how much I'd get done with my day, how organized I'd be, how I'd have time to write. And I dream about grocery trips with only one kid in tow. But it doesn't take me long to realize that I'd probably just treat it like a vacation and sit around in my PJs reading entire books in one sitting while Baby X watched Elmo's World, Leap Frog Letter Factory, and Thomas the Tank Engine on repeat.

And since that doesn't seem so healthy, we should probably keep homeschooling for now.


Cristin said...

Luke has one more year before he goes into Kindergarden and I am already debating whether or not to homeschool him. The public schools here are packed, with up to 35 kids in a Kindergarden class! I don't know what to do. Every time Erik and I discuss it, he says, "Well, if you homeschool like Nancy does, I think it's okay." Meaning, he thinks you do a good job, or at least you come across that way. :)

Angela said...

I can't decide whether or not to homeschool. I debate it all the time, but honestly the biggest push for public school is all the alone time during the day, and I don't know if I could be disciplined enough to make sure they would actually learn anything. I did run into my fifth grade teacher at the grocery store this morning and since then I have been thinking about what a great teacher she was. It would be sad if my kids didn't have anyone in their life like that, but then again schools are so scary these days. Who knows!

julie said...

The vacation idea may not be healthy, but it sure is tempting!

Malissa said...

LOL. I TOTALLY hear you. I had the same conversation in my head yesterday afternoon! Somedays can be crazy, but for the most part, they are good :)

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