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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Skipping School

It is days like yesterday and today that I hope no one asks me if my kids have already done school for the day as we're out and about around town. From other homeschool parents, I've heard stories of complete strangers finding out their kids are homeschooled and asking whether they are done with their lessons for the day. Crazy.

Anyway, this week is not the week to ask me that question and leave feeling good about me as a homeschooler. In one sense. In another, we've been doing very educational, but non-traditional things.

Yesterday I was at the store shopping for my weekly menu items when I realized that I hadn't even thought of doing school yet that morning (I'm telling you, our spring break did me in). BUT... I was busily trying to put together a Passover meal for us because Jed likes to celebrate Passover, and it's a great Family Home Evening, hands-on church lesson, for the kids. And I was too busy Saturday at the Cherry Blossom Festival to grocery shop then.

Today we spent in Baltimore at the National Aquarium with my good friend and former roommate, Kate. Princess Sparkley talked her ear off. Buddy told me later he liked Kate, but when I asked if he ever talked to her, he wasn't sure. Baby X gave her furious squinting looks throughout the day and only spoke to her when she was too far away to hear "bye bye Kate." As soon as we got home, the kids began their own dolphin show with PS as the dolphin trainer and Buddy as the dolphin. Those kids have imagination... see, worthwhile. Imagination. Educational. The only question they didn't get answered was this: Do sharks eat stingrays?

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