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Thursday, March 04, 2010


I typically only go to the doctor for pregnancies. In the past nine years (since I've been married), I've been to the doctor five times for non-pregnancy related reasons. Two have been in the past month for strep.

Doctors Visits:
1. Weird white bumps on my throat. Prognosis, my body fighting a virus. (I researched this later and it turns out I have tonsil stones.  Gross.)
2. Knee pain and a slight limp (arthritis, especially in the knee runs in my family so I was showing precaution).
Prognosis: Nothing wrong.
3. Earache and cold. Prognosis: double ear infection and sinus infection.
4. Sore throat. Prognosis: Strep throat with a scarlatina rash.
5. Sore throat. Prognosis: Strep again, a month later. Argh. At least no rash this time.

I can't even remember if I ever had strep as a kid. I remember having that giant Q-tip swab in my throat and I remember yummy pink amoxicillin, but I don't actually remember if I ever had strep or not. I can't remember ever having an ear infection as a kid either. But after that double ear infection I got about 6 years ago, every time I got a cold I could feel it in my ears. Now that has stopped, and apparently, if I'm sick, I've got strep. Fabulous. I need to buy stock in toothpaste and tooth brushes since I keep having to replace the entire family's. And when I'm highly contagious and caring for three kids, how do I keep them from all getting it again!?!

On a separate note, strep throat could be used as a diet. For the first two or so days I can only eat freezing cold liquids. Then my tongue becomes sensitive and I can manage other foods, but still it's still slightly painful and uncomfortable. One day I only ate smoothies and ice cream. And a fried egg for dinner after using my numbing throat medicine, but followed by another bowl of ice cream. So maybe all the ice cream disqualifies it as a healthy diet, but being that it was the only food I got all day, not too shabby of a diet.


wendys said...

Yuck, you got it again! That stinks. I hope you are recovering now.

P.S. You need to do a music review on Weezer's Ratitude. I want to know what you think about it!

Kristi said...

I'm sorry you've got it AGAIN! Do you think it went away completely the first time? So weird. I think the ice cream diet sounds fabulous.

Angela said...

Get your tonsils out! Its awesome! That is a serious ice cream and popsicle diet and you never get it again.

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