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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Brownie or Cake Your Kids Can Make

I first saw these in the store and thought, "huh." Then I read about it here*probably more than a year ago, and she loved them. I didn't try them until last week because I always wonder about them, but think, "If I'm going to make brownies, I might as well make a whole pan." But last week I had a coupon for them, and they were on sale. Jed and I shared the peanut butter fudge brownie. Yum. And I thought, "PS and Buddy would love this... making their own dessert and then eating it." So, I bought the smaller sized ones for Princess Sparkley and Buddy to make. They loved it. Afterward, Buddy told me, he thought they could make this entire dessert without my help except the water part. I thought the hard part would be not falling on to the stove while trying to reach the microwave, but apparently for him, it was carrying a tablespoon, and then a teaspoon of water over to his bowl without spilling it from his shaky little hand.

*I can't link you to the exact post because Blogger's blog search function no longer finds ANYTHING. AHH. But that's a rant for another post.


wendys said...

My cousins wrote a recipe book called Single serving Quick Cakes, small individual cakes you make in the microwave. They have got go be cheaper than those. http://www.nancyweb.com/ed/pages/ot_products.htm

The recipes are basically 1/2 cup of cake mix, 1/3 cup water and various toppings or additions. You cook in the microwave for 95 seconds and voila! A single serving cake. (I can email you more of the recipes if you want...)

Nance said...

Wendy- I've found recipes like your cousin's online before. One was a chocolate cake in a mug or something that I printed out to have my daughter make, but we haven't gotten around to it yet.

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