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Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby X and Weezer

Wendy asked for a review of Weezer's new Raditude cd. I was first introduced to Weezer in 1997, my freshman year at BYU and only knew about their 2nd cd released in 1996, Pinkerton, at the time. I loved it. Then I bought the blue album (their first album, released in 1994) and I liked it a lot. I couldn't wait for them to release a new cd and I was mad that they were taking so long. And then they released a bunch seemingly right in a row (the green album in 2001, Maladroit in 2002, Make Believe in 2005, the red album in 2008, Raditude in 2009) and I was overwhelmed. I love all of their cds... but I haven't always fallen instantly in love with them. The red album took me awhile, but it's still the one I'm listening to the most. Plus the kids love it. I tend to love the cd more once I've heard it a lot and the songs are more familiar to me. We listened to the red album a few times on a long road trip after it came out, and by the end of the road trip, I no longer hated it, which I kind of did the first time through. As for their newest release, Raditude, I like about half of the songs a lot, so far. Once I've listened to the whole album lots and lots, I'll probably love it too. The red album seemed way different to me (for the most part) compared to other Weezer cds. Raditude seems like it's a mix of the old and the new and right now, what I'm liking is the old school Weezer sounds I hear in it.

Here's how Baby X feels about Weezer's Raditude cd, specifically, (If You're Wondering If I Want You To), I Want You To:

This is how he dances in his car seat.


Angela said...

Weezer Forever! I haven't heard Ratitude yet, but I did listen to Pinkerton in the car today and remembered how much I LOVE that album and Weezer for that matter.

Cristin said...

Luke does that in his carseat and it's tearing up the back of our car seats. It's driving me crazy.

wendys said...

Thanks for the review. Our kids like it too... but I am disappointed that this is the first album with a swear word in it. And in one of the best songs even! I think I like Pinkerton less now than I did when it first came out. I really like Trippin down the Freeway, the Girl got Hot and I want you too.

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