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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools!

My brother was the king of April Fool's jokes when I was growing up, luckily I was never a target. He liked filling classrooms with cups full of water, saran wrapping the toilet during sleepovers, etc. My favorite April Fool's joke I've heard lately is this: someone drove around with an empty Starbuck's cup of coffee taped to their car roof, and when someone honked or tried to tell them, they held up a sign that said "April Fools." Please, someone do that tomorrow and tell me about it.

Last year the kids became thoroughly enamored with the idea of tricking their dad. We ended up playing our April Fool's jokes two days late because by the time they informed me how excited about April Fool's Day they were, it was midway through the day and we had no plan. Then we came up with this for dinner:

Gelled Juice
This is what cracks the kids up most. I think I might trick them with gelled juice this year.

Cupcake (really meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes)
note: this is the tastiest meatloaf I've ever had.


Do you play April Fool's jokes?

I think this year I'll try this and maybe this. Check out more here.


Andrea said...

Haha...we're doing the sushi tomorrow and the jello drink. The "cupcakes" are my kids favorites!!

It's also tradition that we stuff newspaper in the ends of everyones shoes. It has become expected now.

Enjoy your day!

Kristi said...

I've been planning the cup on the top of the car for a whole year!!! I've got my cup AND my sign all ready. I am so excited. Although, I'm certain I'll be making some weirdo smirk when I hold up my sign. That's the downside. I'll be posting the results on my blog. I can't wait!!!

Cristin said...

I've had the sushi before. Someone brought it to mutual and from far away I really thought it was sushi. I was excited and then sad when I realized it wasn't. Ha ha.

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