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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More Strep

I complained on Facebook about how I had two sick kids with two different illnesses. Buddy with a strep rash on his face (but no sore throat) and Princess Sparkley puking. Some of my brilliant Facebook friends commented that their kids actually throw up when they have strep, so I took a closer look at PS last night and noticed a slight rash on her chest and legs. So today we braved the snowy roads and I took her to the doctor. Yep, strep.

The doctor actually described her as stoic because when asked if she had a sore throat, her reply was "a little bit." Then the doctor looked at her throat and saw how red and sore it looked. I asked the doctor if she thought the strep could have started with Baby X puking two weeks ago (since now I know puking is a symptom of strep) and she said that it was likely, and that kids as young as he is can usually fight strep off on their own without needing an antibiotic. So Baby X. Then me. Then Buddy. Now PS. Cross your fingers that Jed doesn't get it. I keep having to wash all our TV blankets, and throw out our toothbrushes and buy new ones. Although with all this snow, he's had classes canceled once last week, today, and already tomorrow (since another blizzard is heading our way), so if he was going to get sick, now would be the time. But then I'd only have Buddy to shovel out our car and a five year old can only do so much.


Heather Payne said...
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Heather Payne said...

Sadly, I've become a bit of an expert on strep since we have an asymptomatic carrier in our home and we pretty much constantly have it. We've had to get serious about getting rid of it - and the doctor told me that in addition to pitching the toothbrushes, we also had to get rid of any open toothpaste because you rub your brush on the opening when you apply. Kind of gross and I've never considered that before. It seems to have helped keep it at bay for a little while. Hope you guys feel better.

Erin said...

I am glad you got some meds before the new snow hits. What crazy weather you have! I hope you will all be better soon.

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