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Sunday, February 28, 2010


As a way to save money grocery shopping, I've been trying to be really good about planning out our menu. Last week I also tried to plan out our menu based on what was on sale in the weekly store ads. The last part didn't go so well. By the time I hit the worst grocery store ever, only a few of their weekly sale items were still on sale. The next day, I tried the other grocery store that supposedly had roast on sale only to find out that their ads expire on Thursday (it was Friday). Argh.

Here's my menu plan for this week, I'll try again next week with the sale ads... I suppose:

Sunday: BBQ Beef Sandwiches
I usually buy a tiny potato or macaroni salad from the deli section since only Jed and I will eat the salads. Sometimes I make Broccoli Madness to go with it.

Monday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches. I half it and use a variation of this recipe (minus lavender, tarragon and almonds, plus red grapes) and serve it on yummy croissants.

Tuesday: Penne Rustica
My friend Erin has been posting her menu, and shared this recipe that sounded yummy. **(I've since made this recipe a bunch and LOVE it!)**

Wednesday: Egg Salad Sandwiches
The kids will probably want fried egg sandwiches, or ham sandwiches, they don't love egg salad like me.

Thursday: Pizza Bubble Ring with a salad

Friday: eat out

Hmm... we're having a lot of sandwiches* this week. Do your menus plan out like this with similar meals all week?

*It's me that wants to eat all the sandwiches. I had an egg salad at our Valentine's Party last week and it was so yummy I wanted more. BBQ beef is an easy crock pot recipe for when we're at church late. I went to Sam's Club yesterday and bought a huge thing of croissants and know Jed loves chicken salad sandwiches.


wendys said...

I usually have one rice based meal, one or two pasta based meal, one potato based meal, some form of pizza and then a few wild cards thrown in. I don't plan menus very well because I do it at work allllll day long.

Erin said...

my mom made the penne rustica last week and she said they liked it. It is pretty rich with all that cream. It needs a little more flavor, maybe some garlic salt or something. If you half it, you will still have a pan for the freezer.

Kristi said...

I will plan out a month's meals at a time. And no, I don't stick to it every day. I will plan one pasta night, one pizza night, one "fancy" night (for meals that take a little more time to prepare),and a leftover night once in while. There are times when we eat one item a lot. Like last week it was sandwiches- just like your week. A few years ago, we had Chicken on Rice every Wednesday. :( I like how you and Erin are posting your schedules. I will have to try some of your recipes.

Angela said...

I always plan what I want to eat. I'm going to make chicken salad sandwiches this week, they sound delicious.

Tiffany said...

I've been looking for a good chicken salad recipe to use for a baby shower I'm having....I'm going to try this one that you put a link to, it looks delicious!

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