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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Computer Woes

While my kids were watching a clip of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics this morning, the computer froze. And now it won't reboot. It just gives me an error screen and an option to start in "SAFE MODE." But "SAFE MODE" gives me the same error screen. Why is it, that just a few months ago, when my power cord was failing and I tried to frantically back everything up... I didn't go crazy making sure EVERYTHING was backed up? I'm fairly certain I haven't backed up January or February's pictures. And I'm fairly sure I didn't back up the 2007 Blurb book I made. So now I just get to sit around kicking myself mentally and hoping that some miracle will happen and the next time I power up the computer, it will work, and everything will still be there. Until this miracle happens, you may be hearing from me less.

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