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Friday, January 22, 2010


Is it wrong that I only care about the Superbowl because I plan on making an assortment of hors d'oeuvres* for our dinner that night? Not to mention we don't have cable so we aren't even going to watch it. I just like the Superbowl Party aspect of it all, and the chance to make a bunch of appetizers I wouldn't normally get to make. Yum. I've been told it's the first Sunday in February... just around the corner.

*This was one of my fifth grade, bonus spelling words.


Heather Payne said...

So impressed. I always have to use "appetizers". :-) Go football!

Angela said...

I believe it is January 31st this year. I only know because we have to give talks in church that day and Adam is devastated.

Angela said...

I stand corrected, it is February 7th.

Andrea said...

Never cared for the superbowl, but maybe making hors d'oeuvres would make it more enjoyable. My guess is that I would lean towards making kid appetizers. What are you making?

P.S. Loving your blog!!

Nance said...

I'll post all of my my appetizer plans (and dreams) next week.

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