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Friday, January 29, 2010

Scarlet Fever

Yesterday I self-diagnosed myself with scarlet fever and today a medical professional confirmed that. Okay, so her exact words were "strep throat and a scarlatina rash." BUT, if you do any research on strep throat and a rash online, you'll discover that scarlet fever is just strep throat with an accompanying rash. It just doesn't kill people anymore, or leave them blind because we have antibiotics now that treat it.

I was pretty sure I hadn't had strep throat since high school, but the more I thought about it today, the more I became convinced that those few days of school I missed my senior year were for bronchitis. Yes, few... it was probably the only time in my life I've missed school because I was sick. That's one of the reasons I knew that this time, with the scarlet fever, it was serious, because if it had me wanting to go to a doctor, it had to be bad.

My kids, however, think it is wonderful, because I've only been able to eat smoothies. Seriously, anything else, even cold water, feels like I'm swallowing a tumbleweed. Even the smoothie hurts, but the fact that it is freezing, numbs my throat to the pain. The kids are thrilled with this (because then they get a smoothie too) and don't seem too concerned with the fact that I've been contagious and around them for two days.

According to the doctor, the inside of my throat looked like raw hamburger. I hadn't looked in awhile because it was too painful to open my mouth that wide. I was a little disappointed that my prescription for amoxicillin didn't come as a pink liquid (I LOVED that stuff as a kid) but as giant pink pills. She also prescribed this numbing stuff that I'm supposed to gargle. Now picture this, I shake the bottle, I pour the clear liquid onto a measuring spoon, it doesn't pour like liquid, it pours like honey. How am I supposed to get that to the back of my throat. The answer, I don't. Most of it ends up on my tongue, gags me, some makes it to my throat, gagging me more as I try desperately to gargle it, not swallow, not throw up, all while my throat still hurts and my tongue is slowly losing feeling. My second attempt a few hours later went much better, still not a complete success, but I only lost a little feeling in my tongue. And it is a great help to my throat when it finally makes it there.


Angela said...

I'm having flashbacks of getting my tonsils out last year. I actually did get the pink liquid antibiotics and it tasted exactly the same. The thing that helped me the most was the chloraseptic spray, its much better now than it used to be. Excellent numbing properties and easy access to the back of the throat.

Erin said...

i hope you feel better soon and that the whole family doesn't get it. it sounds awful!

wendys said...

That really stinks. I didn't know Scarlet Fever was still around.

Kristi said...

Man oh man! I'm sorry you are so sick. It's gotta be bad for you to go to the Dr. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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