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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scarlet Fever Update

Now that I'm on antibiotics, I'm recovering quickly. I started on amoxicillin Friday morning, and by Friday evening (with the help of the throat numbing gunk) I was able to eat actual food and not just smoothies (which I was beginning to get sick of). By Saturday morning I didn't need the throat number anymore and could still eat normal food. I can even open my mouth more than an inch in diameter.

I still have a rash but mostly I feel it as bumpy skin more than see it as a red rash. Plus it's slightly itchy. And I read online last night that my skin will peel at the end of all this. Yea (sarcasm).

This morning my face wasn't puffy and swollen like it has been the past few mornings. But once I was able to eat normal food again, I realized my tongue was very sensitive. At first I thought it was a result of me accidentally numbing it with the throat gunk, or possibly that I'd freezer burned it with all of the cold cold smoothies I'd been drinking. After more internet research, I discovered that having a sensitive tongue is just one more symptom.

I still can't:

Sneeze - Every time I start to sneeze, my mouth opens to the point where it's too painful for my throat, and the pain in my throat cancels out the ability to sneeze. It's getting very annoying that I can't sneeze.

Yawn- Yawning is still enormously painful.

I ask my kids about a dozen times a day if their throat hurts. So far no one has a sore throat. Baby X has a runny nose and is generally grumpy (but this isn't new, it's been a two year old thing he's had going on). Buddy is "tired" today and has a fever. This is how Buddy does sick. He's knocked out for a day, hard, and then he'll bounce back. I'm expecting him to either throw up tonight (which Baby X did last week before all of this strep throat/scarlet fever craziness started) or wake up tomorrow with a horrible sore throat. Princess Sparkley seems fine. Jed seems fine. I'm crossing my fingers that they all stay healthy.

1 comment:

wendys said...

Glad you are getting better. We have been fighting sickness for the past 2 weeks and it stinks.

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