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Monday, January 25, 2010

Over the Top

Princess Sparkley is always planning a party. She actually sent us all emails* the other day inviting us to a dance party in her room at 1 PM. And her parties are always very elaborately planned, but not involving my help or approval. So she'll have a list of all the treats she's going to have at her party, and she'll have expectations for what our party attire should be, but all we know is we're supposed to be in her room at a certain time. Of course, on an average day, these parties pass by without us even realizing she was seriously having a party in her room.

Jed was questioning why she's always planning something and it always has to be huge. I worry that she gets it from me. I always plan over the top birthday parties for them (see here, here, here, and here). And we make fancy treats all the time. I guess the difference to me is that it's an actual holiday to celebrate, and not just a Thursday afternoon.

Her latest craft project is making this Valentine from the February issue of Family Fun Magazine. We've made these crayon heart Valentines before. And while the owl Valentine shouldn't be too difficult, (and she probably picked it because I'm currently obsessed with owls) it still seems a lot more difficult to me right now than a box of store bought Little Pet Shop Valentines (especially now that both of my big kids can write their own names), but she dreams big, so maybe I'll try to talk her into this, a little crafty, a little cute, a little cheap, and still fun.

*Yes, yes, she has her own email account. Jed set up a gmail account for her so he could send all her junk email from signing up to play Bella Sara to her inbox.


Erin said...

you can find the candy dots at Walgreens, in case you were wondering....cute ideas!

Angela said...

Cute idea, although personally I think those candy dots are kinda gross. Kids however love anything sugar. PS totally gets it from you, you are a planning genius.

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