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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Since I'm talking about my secret dreams here, I might as well come clean and tell you all that another one of my secret dreams is to be a librarian. I don't know if it will ever happen because it requires me going to grad school, which is more school (blech) and grad school requires taking the GRE or GMAT or something. Not to mention I'm kind of busy raising a bunch of kids, homeschooling them, supporting my husband through his own grad school experience, etc. But I love books, and I think it would be awesome to have a job where I was around books all day.

Plus, today at the library I actually came across a nice librarian (a first since we've been in Virginia). This librarian didn't shove any red cards into any of my books,* informed me that she really enjoyed one of the books I was checking out,** and told me that she too enjoys reading YA novels.

*Buddy agreed with me that this was awesome. But he's an an agreeable mood lately and has a lot of opinions. He also thinks President Obama has done nothing with his presidency so far (hmm... sound like Jed?). He also complains a lot about the traffic light timing in town (also reminiscent of everything I hear Jed complain

**Sadly, I think this was a first from a librarian. I check out A LOT of books, but I've never had a librarian comment on them at all... and they are librarians, they should definitely love to read and read a lot. They should have something to say to the library patrons.


Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

I was offered my dream job this fall -- a part time page -- at my local library. Initially I was reluctant to take it, "what about the kids? I can't do it?" But I did and LOVE IT! I only work 15 hrs a week and shelve mysteries, JUV fiction and BIOs, plus check out patrons. I always comment on peoples book choices, even it I haven't read them. A page isn't a "librarian" but I feel like one, but without having to go back and get my masters! loved your post.

Angela said...

I've always wanted to be a librarian, but I've decided to look for jobs like the one mentioned above instead. I cannot go back to school!

Jill said...

You could probably do something online slowly if you really wanted to. If I were a librarian, people would get mad at me because my recommendations would be weird stuff.

Miss L said...

I have to tell you that getting my MLS was one of the funnest educational experiences I ever had. I agree with your friend Jill who said doing it online slowly was a great way to go. They have an online program with Emporia, and I'm sure others. But, it's very doable and oh so fun. You should go for it--even if you have to wait a bit to start it! I think you'd be great at it. Though, keep in mind, you'll never get rich (monetarily) as a librarian. So sad, but true.

Also sad but true, I do have to say that most people who check out books are not necessarily "degreed" librarians (not to sound snotty), but regardless, they ought to be happy and helpful like Gerbera Daisy Mom. It makes a world of difference, especially to reluctant readers. :)

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