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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Jed made me watch the dvd that came with our hair clippers today. I ran upstairs scared when they introduced "the mushroom" cut and explained that it was a cut that was great for both boys and girls. The end result, Buddy got a sort of decent, non-buzzed haircut. And Baby X just got a long buzz. I hated to buzz off all of his cute hair since it was so traumatic (for me) last time, so I tried to keep it long enough to put some gel in and comb to the side or spike. He did wonderfully, but wasn't going to sit still enough long enough for me to attempt a little boy, non-buzzed haircut.

Here's the before:

And the after:


Angela said...

Baby X's hair looks quite trendy actually. Adam always begs me to cut his hair, but it is too thick and takes forever to clean up.

Cristin said...

Hey - I'm impressed. It does look pretty trendy!

wendys said...

Hey, I think I've watched that same DVD about 8 years ago. I distinctly remember the mushroom cut comment! You should try it on yourself...

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