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Friday, January 08, 2010


This boy is in desperate need of a haircut. This picture was taken Christmas day and in the last few weeks, it's only gotten worse. He's got A LOT of hair. And it doesn't like staying combed. It now reaches his eyelashes. But there are two, well, three problems:

1. Jed doesn't want to cut it. He just wants us to comb it frequently. And invest in gel stock.
2. Baby X is not a fan of getting his haircut.
3. Last time we buzzed his hair all off, it was traumatic for me.

This is after his first buzz cut, last February just after he turned one. He just looks like such a different kid!! He's had haircuts since this... but we haven't ever buzzed it again. So we need to trim, not buzz, and we have to convince him to sit still for it.


Kristi said...

We've had the same problem with Owen. We thought about cutting it in his sleep. It's not a pretty sight.

RightHahn said...

He's really cute either way! We started shaving our boys' heads when they were infants, so that hasn't been one of the things that we've struggled with. I wish that I had better advice on the matter...sorry. What if you bought a really cheap stuffed animal and let him use the buzzer on it...so that he sees that the buzzer isn't so scary? Or is that creepy? See...I'm no help...good luck!

wendys said...

That's a tough one. Haircuts are hard!

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