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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Five Guys

I don't want to join in their war (A Random Stranger for In-N-Out vs. Ordinary Housewife for Five Guys), I just completed one of my New Year's resolutions and I wanted to cast my vote.

We ate at the Five Guys today in Columbus, Ohio with Jed's parents. It was yummy. It was a great burger. It definitely challenges some other burgers that are out there. It knocks fast food burgers out of the picture. But it doesn't compare to an In-N-Out Double Double. Sorry to all you Five Guys lovers out there.

This is especially sad for me because I have at least two Five Guys locations in my town. And the closest In-N-Out Burger location is approximately 2,200 miles away. But yea, because I can cross one New Year's goal off my list.


Jill said...

I think In N Out is way digusting (I HATE Thousand Island), but I have never tried Five Guys. I think we have it here, so I will try and report back

wendys said...

I hate hamburgers. So I have never been to either restaurant. I know 5 guys sells grilled cheese too, but who wants to buy a grilled cheese sandwich at a restaurant (besides my sister I mean). I also hate thousand island dressing.

Angela said...

I love In N Out! I need to try Five Guys so I can cast my vote.

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