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Sunday, January 03, 2010


We're in Ohio visiting Jed's parents in their new home. They moved from St. Louis right about the same time we moved from Kansas this summer. It is cold here. COLD. I've been living our first Winter in Virginia thinking that it was going to be about as cold as Kansas was, but now that I'm back in the midwest (Ohio is the midwest, right?), it seems uninhabitable. When we checked the weather before leaving Virginia, it was 30 something degrees. We checked the Ohio weather and it was 14 (feels like -2). Then we went to a local hockey game last night, left the arena at about 11:30 PM and it was so cold it knocks your breath away. I'd forgotten that about Kansas winters and so far, I haven't experienced it quite the same way in Virginia.

We took the long way home from church today hoping to spot a bank with a time and temperature display. In Kansas, it seemed like every bank in our town had a time and temperature display. Here, we finally found one at a bait and tackle shop of some sort... 18 degrees at 5 PM. Maybe they don't want people to know how cold it is here, or they'd all leave. Although that didn't make anyone leave Kansas and it was just as cold and colder.

So while my California family rubs in that they had a 70 degree Christmas, and find it unbelievable when they call and I tell them it isn't that cold, just in the mid-40s, (which to their California blood, might as well be below freezing), I'll just focus on these things:

It looks beautiful when snow is falling.
It looks beautiful when you wake up after a snow storm and everything is so silent and blanketed in white.
The leaves actually change color in the fall.
I get a white Christmas.
And this spring, we'll get to see the cherry blossoms in DC.

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A Dreamer in a Wide-Awake World said...

Really, that's true. If WE were constantly reminded of how cold it is here, I don't think anyone would still live in Ohio.
But, you know, it could be worse.
We were lucky to get above zero last year.

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