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and wash your hands afterwards." --Robert Heinlein.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Check on Twenty-Ten Resolutions

  • Create and order prints of Blurb books for my family blog for 2008 and 2009.
    • (Done.  Plus, I'm halfway through the un-blogged year of 2006.)
  • Be able to run a mile without stopping.  
    • (Nope.  Continuing this goal in 2011.)
  • Read 15,000+ pages. Include more classics, adult fiction and nonfiction. 
    • (Yep.  Over 20,000.  Full book record for 2010 coming soon.)
  • Get fit. I'm happy with how I look and I'm happy with the size clothes I wear. I just could be more toned and fit.  
    • (Same.  The running a mile would have helped with this.)
  • Use coupons.  
    • (Sort of.  But I could be way better.)
  • Start a book club for Princess Sparkley.  
    • (Tried unsuccessfully in the summer.  Need to try again in the spring.)
  • Finish writing something.  
    • (Yikes.  This is the resolution I remembered every few months and freaked out about.  But I am working on something.  Extending this to 2011.)
  • Be less sarcastic with my kids.  
    • (I've tried, but not too successfully.)
  • Be more crafty and hands-on with my kids.
    • (I think so.)
  • Plan homeschool lessons in more detail.
    • (I could do better but I've done okay.)
  • Visit a museum (or historic site) in Washington DC at least once a month.
    • (See below.)
January- National Postal Museum (just Jed and the kids, I had strep throat)
February- National Gallery and Museum of Natural History
March- Williamsburg, Mt. Vernon, Cherry Blossom Festival, Kite Festival, National Aquarium in Baltimore and a trip to Philadelphia, PA
April- Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington Nationals baseball game, Great Falls National Park
May- National Train Day at Union Station (plus Jed took Little Guy and Buddy to the Air and Space Museum)
June- Alexandria - the Torpedo Factory Art Center
July- Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge (which, according to my new book, Virginia Curiosities, is the largest tourist attraction in Virginia... kinda sad.)
August-Manassas Battlefield and Stone Bridge, toured the Capitol with G and G from CA
September-Baltimore Orioles baseball game (vs. the Red Sox), Great Falls NP (2nd time), Harper's Ferry (WV)
October- Shenandoah National Forest (twice),  apple picking, Battlefield,
November- Arlington National Cemetery
December- National Christmas Tree, United States Botanic Garden., Washington DC LDS temple lights

  • Teach Buddy to read well.
    • (Check.  He's still not convinced he's a reader but he's getting there.)
  • Teach kids to ride bikes without training wheels. 
    • (We tried.  Buddy did okay.  And they both majorly improved in the swimming department over the summer.) 
  • Teach Princess Sparkley to sew.
    • (We've worked on a few projects.)

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