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Friday, December 18, 2009

Um.... yum!

I've borrowed this image until I make my own... which I'm thinking should be soon.*

This easy holiday treat recipe from here makes me happy that I've recently acquired a taste for pecans. Thanks, Rae, for Facebooking** this recipe.

Now that I've made them, can I just add that these are the PERFECT treats for your kids to be totally in charge of. They lay out all the pretzels, unwrap all the Rolos (since I certainly don't want to) and put them on the pretzels. I put them in the oven for 4 minutes. And then the kids squished the pecans on top. And we all ate a TON!

*I've now used my own images.
**Gotta love how the English language evolves.


Rae said...

Oh yeah, you have got to try them pronto!! I am so glad I froze mine and cannot dig into them at this very minute. I did manage to eat about 8 before they hit the freezer...

Miss L said...

Yay! I think my girls would LOVE doing this. :)

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