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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Observations on a Virginia Winter

All of these observations may seem weird coming from a California girl who once used a spatula to scrape the ice off of her windshield so she could drive to early morning seminary,* but we had our first Virginia snow this weekend and I was surprised by a lot of what I saw. Moving here, we were hoping for less ice than Kansas, and not so many days when the temperature was below zero, but everyone here assured us that it still snows and gets icy and is cold. Then it didn't snow and didn't snow and I became hopeful that it never would. Until Saturday, when it snowed all day.

Some of the crazy stuff I saw:

People here stick their windshield wipes up in the air while their cars are parked. I assume this is so the windshield wipers won't freeze to the windshield, which happened to us a lot in Kansas. But I never witnessed this way of dealing with it in Kansas.

I saw someone shoveling in front of their house with a real shovel, not a snow shovel. If it does indeed snow here in the winter, often, why don't people own snow shovels?

I saw another person brushing snow off their windshield with a broom. Again, if it does in fact snow here a lot, how do they not own a scraper with a brush attachment? My spatula experience in high school is understandable because one, I didn't even know a thing such as a snow scraper existed, and two, I'm pretty sure there was no store near my home that sold them.

They don't sprinkle salt on sidewalks and on the road here, they sprinkle sand. Jed informed me this is the cheap, not as effective way of taking care of slick roads and sidewalks. This is not good news since the driving in our town is already horrible.

So after this weekend, and almost four years of living in Kansas, I feel like I am a winter expert and these people in Virginia don't know what winter is. But here's the thing, I'm still going to stock up on milk and diapers and not leave my house until the snow melts away. So I guess Kansas didn't really teach me anything other than it's possible to survive a few days snowed in until it all melts away.

*weekday, Sunday school type classes for high schoolers who are lds.


Angela said...

I've never thought of leaving my windshield wipers up. That is actually pretty smart. Remember at BYU when I turned on my wipers and one snapped in half? Then I drove like that for years afterward-very dangerous, very lazy. I have never experienced any winter like a Rexburg winter. It literally feels like you are snowed in because it is too dangerous to drive. I am too chicken at least.

wendys said...

The windshield wiper thing is done in alaska too. And they gravel the roads there too. Because it's too cold to have the snow melt salt work. So they just pack down the snow and gravel the top. The roads get as high as the sidewalks in some places.

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