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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is Jed's birthday. I won't tell you what year he's turning, because that'll give hints to my true age, and I decided that I'm just going to keep celebrating my 29th birthday until I'm a cool number, like 90.

Jed's birthday being two days after Christmas means that all of a sudden, Christmas night, I remember a present I bought that Jed didn't open. Seconds before I dig it out from the messy closet hiding place, I realize that he hasn't opened it because I set it aside as a birthday present and I sigh in relief.

Having his birthday so close to Christmas also means that around July, I've found an awesome present to buy him and I have to wait 5 months for an excuse to buy it. Thank goodness for our anniversary in April and Father's Day in June or I'd go nuts hoarding away presents for 11 months and not being able to find them when Christmas and his birthday roll around.

All of that being said, I have a great husband and I'm giving him a shout out, old school, MTV TRL style, on his 29th *wink* birthday.


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Jed! Jen just had her baby on Christmas Eve, so little no-name will have the same problems:)

Angela said...

Oohh, I forgot to tell you. I just bought a baby hat that has the cutest owl on the front. I thought of you...

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday to Jed! Erik's birthday is three weeks after Christmas and I feel like I need to reserve some of my gift ideas for his birthday. He'd probably be better off with a summer birthday.

And Angela's comment reminds me to tell you that after your post about collecting owls, I've been seeing them everywhere. They always make me think of you. That's why my mom STOPPED collecting pigs. She said she heard, "I saw a pig today and thought of you!" one too many times.

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