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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I loved when my kids were all so little that I could get all of my Christmas shopping done with them in tow. As a homeschooler, my kids never graduated to going to school all day so I could shop while they were gone. This makes things a bit more difficult. Especially since Princess Sparkley can't know what Buddy's getting (because she either rubs it in, is getting a similar item herself, has Buddy begging to know or wants to give him clues and the clues are WAY too obvious) and Buddy can't know what she's getting for about the same reasons. I've therefore only bought Baby X's Christmas presents (with the added bonus that he's not yet two, so what does he really need).

Today I bought some fabric to make an apron for PS. She doesn't know that's why I was buying the fabric. She's of course suspicious because I asked her opinion and I told her it was a secret. But I'm fairly certain she has no clue I'm making an apron. I like these kinds of presents, the ones that are right in front of her, but still undisclosed.

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Erin said...

That is so tough having your big kids with you all the time! I managed to by some gifts recently by hiding them under my coat and the checker scanned it with the gun with my coat wrapped around it, then double bagged it. That was with Lizzy and Mimi so they didn't even know what was going on. When I went shopping with Lydia and Ethan I told them each secretly that I was buying a present for the other person and I needed their help to distract the other person while I bought it. It worked perfectly because they both thought they were helping and didn't realize that I was buying something for both of them.

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