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Monday, December 07, 2009


One of the problems with homeschooling is that I get totally burnt out on school right about now. Taking three days off for Thanksgiving did me in. Now I have no desire to continue. And that was only three days. I'm fearful of what the Christmas break (or Winter Break if we were enrolled in a public school) will do to me. As it is now, I just want to sit around and read all day, experiment with yummy new recipes for dinner, shop online for Christmas presents, and nap. At least Buddy is entering a unit on the Calendar today. Teaching days and months is much more fun that teaching about consonant blends... bleh.


Cristin said...

I think that would be my problem if I was homeschooling. Big time burnout. Good thing you live near all that stuff in D.C. now. You just need to take more field trips.

wendys said...

I think you are great for even giving it a try! Homeschooling is too intimidating to think about. Maybe after your Christmas break you will be tired of relaxing and ready to get back to work!

Malissa said...

Just remember that you can go year round! That takes the pressure off of me. We've scaled back this month and are focusing on the basics, language arts and math. We're also studying the symbols of Christmas.

I like Cristin's idea of doing lots of field trips this month:)

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