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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why I Am Not A Dog Person

Yesterday, while out and about running errands with Buddy and Baby X we saw two dogs in stores. The second time, it was a seeing eye dog in training at Target. Totally acceptable. The first time, it was a smallish dog, wearing a hot pink parka/vest in the post office.

At first, when we got in line to buy stamps, 12 people back, the woman two people in front of us was holding the dog. As the dog got grumpier, she let it down. Now, it was on a leash, a retractable leash, but she wasn't giving the dog a limit. It was running all over the post office, sniffing the people sitting on the floor waiting for the passport office to open, scaring Buddy who it ran up to to sniff, and causing Baby X to yell "dog, dog, dog" and point crazily the whole time we were there. The woman seemed to see nothing wrong with having her dog in the post office. Even when she and the dog wandered over to the automated machine (run by a postal employee, another reason I hate this post office) and the employee informed her that dogs weren't allowed in the post office. She basically told him that the dog was her baby and didn't want to be out in the rain. He informed her that he understood, he had two dogs at home that he loved, but dogs aren't allowed in the post office. She still ignored him... like this didn't apply to her and her dog. And it turns out, she wasn't even using the post office. Her husband was up at the counter at this point and she and the dog went to stand by him. It's not like the dog was going to have to wait in the car alone. She could have waited in the car with it while her husband took care of their postal needs.

I realize that not all dog people are this crazy, but a lot are. My dad once lost his dog trainer because she found out he didn't plan on letting his yellow lab into the house, it was going to be a purely outdoor dog and she found that completely unacceptable.

Until I was married, I always had pets (dogs, cats, a hamster, a parakeet, a rabbit, lots of fish). Other than the parakeet, hamster and fish, they were all outdoor pets. Well, the bunny lived part-time indoors in my mom's kindergarten classroom. The cats were allowed in the house when it was really cold outside, but only if they followed the rules. They could go from the garage door, downstairs, to a spot on one couch that had a blanket on it specifically for them. Otherwise, if they didn't want to be outside, there was always the garage. The dogs, were outdoor dogs who had access to a patio, a balcony and a dog house.

None of these pets ever went to a store with us (except one pair of kittens I got in San Diego for my birthday when I was 11 or so and we stopped on the three hour drive home to eat lunch at In N Out or somewhere. Me and the cats (in a box) sat out on the patio while I ate my lunch). So what's with all the crazy people taking their pets to the post office?

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wendys said...

Some times when people get dogs they go crazy without knowing it. They think dogs are just like kids and can be treated as such!

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