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Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm always comparing my kids to other people's kids. Not in an entirely bad sense. I like to think that while sometimes my kids are behaving horribly, I've seen worse. I am more likely to look at the capabilities of other people's kids and blame myself for somehow not raising my kids well enough for them to be able to do whatever it is that these superior kids are doing. Things like pumping their legs while they swing (which PS can now do, and Buddy can sort of do), riding a bike (with or without training wheels, my kids are only subpar), etc. Buddy has always been more into cars and trains than Legos, but still enjoys Legos. Unfortunately, Lego building for him usually consists of him demanding Jed or I help him build whatever crazy creation came with the Lego box pamphlet. Sadly, I am not a very good Lego builder. Lately he's been branching off on his own, building his own creations. He worked on this all day. Adding an extra wheel on the back so it looked like a Jeep, etc. As you can see, he's very proud of his Jeep. Since then he's also built a tiny steam roller. Now he's added Legos to his Christmas list and his eyes got huge when he saw a huge city set of Legos at Target. As soon as he spotted it I said, "That's set costs $100 ($99.99) so it's not a possibility." His response, "You'd have to be a billionaire to buy that!" And then he nicely examined the little boxes higher up. Eyes still huge.

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wendys said...

Legos are expensive! We bought some online for our kids for this years Christmas because they really are fun and we don't mind playing with them too.

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