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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Library Books

I just stacked up all of the library books we have at our house so I can return them this week. We have 42 that I've stacked up. All but one of those is for the kids (or for homeschooling). We're keeping three library books at home (one for me, one for school, one kid book about Washington DC). So, total, we have 45 library books (not counting Jed's) checked out. That I can find. From the library in town.

This doesn't count other libraries we use (we probably have 12 books from the library one town over and 8 dvds. Plus a book and a dvd from a much further away town library). Is this normal? I realize that we aren't spending money on books, so some of you may buy a lot books in a month and that would lessen the amount you checked out from the library. We are a bit more of a book worm family than I think is normal. But, I can't imagine how anyone else escapes a library with three kids in tow and not this many books. (I guess I should take into account that this load of books was picked up on three separate library trips.)


wendys said...

Wow that is a lot of books! Way more than we check out. At the most we will have 15-20 books and 2 movies.

Erin said...

yes, I usually exceed my limit and have to use Lydia's card. It drives me nuts when there get to be that many all over the house.

LisAway said...

Over here there's a five book limit. I think that's plenty, and after we lost one (it's NOWHERE) and had to give one of our own in its place (that's their policy, you just take a different book!) Greg said that he only wants each of the kids to bring home 2. Which means Evie will be wanting to go to the library once or twice a week. :)

Erin said...

That Polish system sounds interesting, giving the library one in return. What if you lost a nice hard cover book and you give them a junky paperback instead? When I go to the library with all the kids we end up with so many books, right now 45 on my account and 16 on Lydia's. That is why I tend to go when they are at school.

Malissa said...

I usually max out my card (30) and one of my children's cards every week. I let them choose their own 3-5 books but the majority are for homeschool-science, history, and language arts beginning readers. My bag bulges every week! We're in the same boat!!

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