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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Getting a Maid

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That title tricked you, didn't it? I'm not getting a maid... I'm thinking about what I'd make her do if I were to get a maid. Here's my list:

Wash sheets and make beds.
Clean toilets.
Clean showers and tubs.
Wash windows.
Clean stove/oven.
Clean kitchen sink.
Clean all, non-carpeted floors.*

*In The Time Traveler's Wife, after they got married they discussed how they'd split up their household responsibilities. The discussion ended with neither one of them enjoying vacuuming, so they hired a maid to do that. I don't mind vacuuming... although I don't leave a room with perfect stripes across the floor like my mom always tried to get me to do when I was vacuuming for her growing up.


Heather Payne said...

I do have to say that I always enjoyed your mom's vacuum lines. I get around the need for that by having ancient carpet that won't even show the lines any more.

Are we limited to cleaning? What about organizing and scrapbooking my kids' photos since birth? Calling my mother-in-law? addressing Christmas cards? My list could be very, very long...

Cristin said...

My sister is a nanny and when I hear about everything she does in addition to taking care of children - organizing closets, cooking meals - I get really envious. It should would be wonderful to have help like that all the time.

Erin said...

My friend's mom gave each of her kids a maid for one day a week for Christmas. Wouldn't it be great?!! I had never thought it out specifically like you though!

Matt said...

If I were to get a maid, she (or he, I'm not sexist or anything) would write a blog about the funny things about being a maid. She would cook food for me, then write about my reaction. She would do my laundry, then secretly write about my dirty underwear. She would poke fun to the online universe about my expanding waistline and would exaggerate the poor quality of my hygiene. Oh, to have a maid!

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