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Monday, November 16, 2009

Forgetting Names

My new responsibility at church is as the secretary in the women's organization. Being the secretary, a huge aspect of my responsibilities is to take roll. This is difficult to do when I'm so new to the ward and only know a handful of people's names. Sunday I started working on learning people's names. I asked someone I didn't know to say the opening prayer and then asked them their name. I took note of people's names and faces when they were called on to comment or read aloud. I even introduced myself to a new woman (newer than me) when I was changing Baby X's diaper in the bathroom and she was holding the stall door closed for a little girl. This is my problem. Even when I'm trying to learn people's names, I don't remember them three seconds later. I have to give myself a virtual kick in the shins rerminding me that I actually need to pay attention to their answer after I ask them their name. I met this woman, left the bathroom, got 10 feet down the hallway and had absolutely know idea what her first name was. I knew her last name (but I'd known that even before I introduced myself to her moments earlier), but her first name was completely lost to me. Luckily, being in charge of rolls listing all the women's names. Yea for lists! Now I just need to actually remember them in real life with no need of a list.

1 comment:

wendys said...

I am terrible with names too. I have to say them a couple of times before they stick.

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