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Monday, November 09, 2009

The Domino Effect of Early Holidays

I complain about this every year, but especially now that my kids are older, they pay attention and notice the Christmas sections of every store and start bugging me about decorating, planning and shopping for Christmas. I'm all for early Christmas shopping, but I'm not putting up decorations or a tree until after Thanksgiving. You can't just SKIP a holiday, people. We did sing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer in the car the other day, but that was only because Princess Sparkley was butchering it without my help. Otherwise, I stick to my dad's rule growing up... no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I can't get too mad at the stores this year though. Even though Target had a Christmas aisle up NEXT TO their Halloween aisle, I figure with the economy the way it is, the stores need to get a jump start on their biggest selling season of the year. But all of this Christmas craziness has Princess Sparkley planning Baby X's 2nd birthday (January 26th). Planning it in the sense that she's gathering all the Elmo books that we have, drawing decorations, and wants me to make these Bakerella cookie pops for his "party." She has even asked if he'll be able to invite friends or if it is just a family party. Thanksgiving is still (in my mind) a month away. Christmas is two months away. Which means that Baby X's birthday is three months away. This is craziness.

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