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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I'm just curious... how many of you went out early this morning (or late Thanksgiving night) shopping for deals?

I don't like shopping in crowds, or trying to find a parking spot when it's so busy, so I usually stay home. But, if I could get dropped off at a mall, or walk to the mall and had someone to go with, I think it would be great fun. I'd love to go with Jed, but who am I going to get to come babysit at 4 AM??

Oh, and I'd also want to be able to find good deals on the stuff my kids actually want me to get them. I don't want to just go and find great deals I can't pass up only to get home and realize I've bought nothing we want or need.

Jed just left to check out Walmart at 9:30 PM out of curiosity, and to rent a Red Box movie. I'm sure it's calmed down since earlier today. And I'm sure Walmart has yet to recover and has toys strewn all over the toy aisles.


Erin said...

Nathan got up at 5 to get us a dual DVD player at Target. They had TONS of them and I am sure we could have gotten it at any time this weekend. Definitely pointless. He waited 45 minutes just to check out. BTW I am totally copying your Christmas PJ pictures from last year. My kids are just as uncooperative as yours!

wendys said...

There was a few things I wanted to get so i got up early with my mom. But she tricked me into going to Joann's fabrics with her first, and we were there for 2 1/2 HOURS waiting in line and by the times I got to target and best buy, they were out of the things I want, dang it. But I have a car load of flannel to haul back to idaho.

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