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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marriage and Haunted Houses

When Jed and I had been married about six months, we flew to Utah for my friend Angela's flute recital at BYU. It was October. We met some of Angela's roommates and I remember one of them asking us if we liked haunted houses. Jed and I sort of looked at each other questioningly. It wasn't a topic that had ever come up. The roommate laughed, assuming that we were the type of BYU couple who got engaged on their second date and were married after a two month engagement. That was not our story.

I laugh now at how well I thought we knew each other then, compared to how well we know each other now. And I'll probably laugh in several years at how well I think I know him now compared to the future.

Jed and I joke about this haunted house question all the time... how apparently, knowing your significant other's opinion on haunted houses is very revealing about your relationship. But every time we bring up this haunted house question, usually this time of year, we still don't know the other's opinion. What it comes down to is... I don't have an opinion. I neither love nor hate them. But I don't seek them out, so I guess I don't like them. Aside from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, I haven't been to one since a family home evening activity my freshman year of college when the girls seriously outnumbered the boys.

So, if you have a significant other, how does he/she feel about haunted houses?


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Hate 'em. Dated a girl once who thought they were wonderful; that was Sign Number Two Million that it wasn't going to work out.

Kristi said...

This is an interesting post. I know how I feel about them. I worked in one in college. It was a haunted forest actually. I was one of the children of the corn that screamed and grabbed at people as they went through a corn row. I ended up losing my voice for two weeks and getting paid less than 2 bucks an hour. All that and I got to freeze my rear! Can't say I like them at all. As for my spouse, I'm pretty sure he hates them too.

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