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Thursday, October 01, 2009


One thing Jed and I have noticed about Virginia is the driving. Everyone here stops six feet over the limit line. This is super annoying when you are trying to turn right onto a busy street, but the monster truck turning left is basically in the intersection completely blocking your view and making it so inching forward won't even help.

And people here honk all the time. It seems like Kansas was very honk free and California was light on honking. I've gotten honked at here for turning (even though I had my blinker (that's what us Californians call a turn signal, or at least my family) on at least 100 feet in advance). It's not my fault they were going too fast to slow down at my turning. I got honked at today as the light turned green. There was about 1 second worth of time when I could have been driving, but wasn't yet and the guy behind me felt the need to honk. Argh.

Do you honk? I am not really much of a honker. Usually I'm too busy waving my arm in the air in frustration and yelling out, "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!" to mess with the horn.

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