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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Homemade Costumes for Little Boys

Now, when I say homemade... I mean little to no sewing is involved. I can't pull off the Cinderella dress or Dorothy from Wizard of Oz costume that my daughter has requested at different stages of her life. Those costumes get passed on to Grandma M, who actually can sew. Nor would a little boy (whom this post is addressing costumes for) want to be a princess... usually.

Buddy's last three Halloween costumes have been very simple and all him.

In 2006, he was a Boston Red Sox player. This is an outfit, that, when I bought it on ebay cost $14.99 (we already owned the hat). I bought it large (4T for a then 2 1/2 year old) and he still wears it, all the time. All the time. If it is clean and in his drawer, he'll chose it to wear that day. You can see from the picture it was shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. I bought what was new, cheapest and in his size on ebay. He wore sweatpants (which helped the too big of shorts stay up) and a long sleeved shirt under his costume.

In 2007 he wanted to be a UPS man. I saw the costume at different online Halloween stores for about $30 and figured I could create it for less. I shopped around until I found a brown three botton, short sleeved shirt (Old Navy clearance) and dark brown pants (Target). He already owned brown socks and brown Converse. I copied the UPS symbol online, reversed it and printed it on fabric iron-on paper. Then I ironed it on to a white fabric, sewed around the edge with gold thread, and used sticky Velcro dots to attach it to his pocket. I've since just sewed it onto the shirt. He still wears this shirt sometimes, just as a shirt with other pants. He felt he needed a hat. I couldn't find a good deal on a brown hat so we went without. Then with brown packing paper, I wrapped up an empty box. This was by far everyone's favorite costume everywhere we went that year.

In 2008 Buddy wanted to be a DHL man. I figured that costume was too hard to create (where was I going to find a half red, half yellow shirt?). Plus, UPS is just cooler. I talked him into being a mailperson and he warmed right up to the idea. His costume is a pale blue, three-buttoned, collared shirt (Old Navy) that he still wears to church some Sundays. You can't see the pants in this picture, but they are navy blue sweat pants (Old Navy) that I attached black, electrical tape to the side of to give them the dark stripe on the leg. The hat is his navy blue Red Sox hat. Then I had this black messenger bag laying around that I transformed into a mailperson bag, complete with fake mail inside. I copied the USPS symbol, reworked it to the sizes I wanted, printed them and then took them to Kinko's where I laminated them and added a clip (for the shirt badge). The other two badges are attached with safety pins.


Erin said...

I just love those costumes. You are so cute Buddy!

Angela said...

WHERE do you get the energy to do this stuff so well??? When I was little my mom gave me a swatch of black pleather to wear as a witch hat. I love that Buddy likes to be delivery people. Maybe this year he can go as a pizza hut guy.

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