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Friday, October 09, 2009

Halloween Dress-Up

Buddy has been a delivery person of sorts for the past two Halloweens. In 2007 he was a UPS deliverer. In 2008 he was a mail person. After Halloween last year he informed me that for this year he wanted to be one of Santa's elves. See, he's sticking to a theme. I jumped on this idea as a great way our entire family could have a family theme with our costumes.

Here's what I saw in my dream 2009 Halloween:

Buddy wearing some sort of home-fashioned elf costume out of green sweats wearing this hat and these shoes.

image from OrientalTrading Company

Princess Sparkley as a Christmas fairy wearing a green and red skirt made by her paternal grandma, similar to this one that she's wearing here, minus the sword and viking helmet. Plus a wand and some fairy wings.

Me dressed as a Christmas gift wearing a giant bow on my head and a gift tag as a necklace. Very simple and not embarrassing or awkward to wear.

Jed as Santa (I didn't really think this part through much, other than a Santa hat and maybe a pillow stuffed under a red sweatshirt).

And Baby X as a snowman, wearing this costume my sister has that her 5 year old wore several Halloweens ago.

But my kids have all vetoed these ideas now that Halloween is here. And Jed had never really signed on to the Santa idea. Buddy wants to be a fireman. Princess Sparkley has finally settled on a witch after choosing a bunch of different book characters (Clarice Bean, Fashion Kitty, Babymouse) that I told her might be a pain to dress-up as since she'll keep having to not only tell people who she is, but also who that character is. We've vetoed a witch costume in the past but now that we've read Harry Potter together, it's less heathen, I guess. Baby X I suppose will use Buddy's old dinosaur/dragon costume that should fit him this year. And, once again, Jed and I won't dress-up. Which, isn't actually the end of the world... unless you are PS, in which case, she's very disappointed in us.

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Myk said...

Wade is ruining our family Halloween costumes. Kannon and I are going to go as Bamm Bamm and Betty Rubble. Wade refuses to be Barney.

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