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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I went to book club this morning with 124 pages left in Maeve Binchy's The Glass Castle. I had a pretty good idea of where things were headed with the plot, and no one gave away the ending for me... so that was nice. I finished it just now, 6 PM. Now I can get back to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol... if only I could convince the kids to go to bed at 7PM.

In other news, Jed and I are in charge of organizing friendship dinners for people at church. We picked a Friday and Saturday in November and the people who wanted to participate could pick a date and whether they wanted to be a guest or a host. I finally got everything worked out, people assigned to be guests in other people's homes and now I wait and see who forgot the date and has something else planned, who the archenemies from church are who I inadvertantly assigned to each other, etc. This should be interesting.

I also baked this pumpkin chocolate chip bread today to drop off at a friend's. Taught Buddy about words and how stringing them together makes sentences. Taught PS about estimating and rounding up. Baby X stayed in his PJs all day and learned the word "home." Made the kids watch a video about Life Cycles that we checked out from the library. Made meatball sandwiches for dinner. Was tracted into by LDS missionaries who are from the Spanish congregation so they didn't know us. That was fun when they found out we were members of their church already. Tomorrow we'll make some pumpkin cookies and use the kids trunk-or-treat candy as faces transforming our pumpkin cookies into Jack-O-Lanterns. Now we're off to munch on some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread for dessert.


Erin said...

Way to finish your book! I am making pumpkin cookies for the kids' parties on Friday. I was thinking of doing jack-o-lantern face by melting chocolate chips and squirting the faces on, but tell me about your candy idea--do you use candy corns? m&ms?

Leslie said...

We did a dinner trade in our old ward called "Paul's Potluck" it was once a month and the families rotated around. The goal was that people never had a Sunday Dinner alone and that we were a "Ward Family". It was fun and very successful. I hope yours goes well!

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