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Friday, October 30, 2009


I've been worrying a lot lately that I'm not doing a good enough job preparing my kids for life. I want them to grow up and already be in the habit of making their beds, cleaning up after themselves, having jobs to do around the house, etc. In May I made up chore charts for the kids. Mainly this was so Princess Sparkley could earn enough money to pay for a pink Leapster before 1) our drive from Kansas to Utah and back and 2) our move from Kansas to Virginia. I even over inflated how much I would normally pay her for a week's worth of mainly completed chores so she'd earn the Leapster in time.

My dream was that these chores would become regular habits so I didn't have to spend the first three hours of my morning continually reminding them to make their beds and brush their teeth. Mainly it has just transformed to me reminding them all day that they haven't marked anything off of their chore charts.

We don't really like paying the kids for stuff they should be doing as a member of our family, and when we moved to Virginia and money was tighter, we switched what they earned to being dessert. If they did a good job with their chores all week, we'd either make a yummy dessert, or go for McDonald's dollar Sundaes. This doesn't work either because I LOVE MAKING DESSERTS. So it happens a lot. Usually more than once a week. I decided this week that we would go back to them earning money, but the money they earn will be what the other kid uses to buy a Christmas present for his/her siblings. This way, PS is bugging Buddy to do his chores because she'll get a more expensive present out of it, and vice versa. We'll see how it goes. So far Buddy has ignored his chore chart since Monday evening and when I reminded him about it today he went and crossed off everything he "remembered" doing. Including getting dressed every day this week (even the days that have yet to happen).

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