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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Child Chef

Princess Sparkley told me the other day that she wished I was a real cook with a real cooking blog so I could teach her how to cook. I informed her that I could teach her how to cook, but that her age (7) hinders her ability to do a lot of the cooking related stuff that she's really wanting to do. For instance, I'm not going to let her climb on top of our stove to use our microwave (which she's witnessed a friend do).*

She's told us since she was a tiny little girl (where did that tiny little girl go??) that she wanted to be a baker when she grew up and that her little brother would be her baker's helper. But when it comes to actually spending time in the kitchen, Buddy has always stuck around for more of the baking process while PS loses interest, and, now that she can read, goes off and loses herself in a book.

I have an assortment of children's cookbooks from my own childhood. Buddy got her a fairy cookbook for her birthday. And equipped with a Barnes and Noble gift card from her aunt, she picked out a chilren's cookbook the other day. From it we made some yummy chocolate mint cookies.

When buying a children's cookbook, this is what I look for:
  • it must have pictures (preferred even over drawings)
  • a list (picture lists are awesome) of ingredients needed for the recipe
  • a list of kitchen pans and gadgets needed for the recipe
  • small recipes (cookie recipes that call for 1 1/2 cups of flour rather than 4)
  • no recipes that call for food kids should have (coffee granules, etc.)
That being said, I found this section on Family Fun's website today that I plan to explore further. And I have these children's cookbook recommendations for you:**

Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book

Usborne's Fairy Cooking

DK's The Baking Book (this is the version I checked out from the library, it looks like Amazon has newer versions)

Sweet Eats (the cover on mine is different)

DK's Mom and Me Cookbook (this is the one PS bought)

*Being that PS is my oldest, and she isn't easily neglected among the three kids being forced to fend for herself foodwise, when is she old enough to cook?? She makes toast and sandwiches. What else should I be letting her do?

**Check your library too. The nonfiction kid book section of your library should be well stocked with kid cookbooks. Mine is, and my library is lacking a lot.

1 comment:

Heather Payne said...

My kids are basically the same age as PS and one of them is dying to scramble an egg on the stove again (her father let her after being led to believe it was a typical task she performed... in her dreams!)

My kids can microwave - hot dogs, bacon, popcorn, quesadillas, and oatmeal type stuff. But then, they don't have to climb over the stove to reach our microwave. Otherwise I think cold sandwiches might do the trick.

They also make grilled cheese sandwiches using a plug-in grilled cheese maker someone gave us for our wedding. You butter the bread, add the cheese and pop it into this little waffle-iron type thing. When the light changes color they open it and get the sandwich out. Of course, the are required to retrieve the hot sandwich from the hot appliance sporting an oven mit AND using a pair of rubber kitchen tongs.

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