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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Reports: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

Jed and the kids bought me this book for my birthday in June. But this is how Jed shops for me as of late ... he buys me everything he sees that he thinks I might like, gives it all to me, and tells me I can return what I don't like. Since he'd spent a bunch of money he didn't need to spend buying me stuff, I returned this and opted to check it out from the library. And I did.

Jed's reasoning for buying me this book was that I like Jane Austen, and since I like books about vampires (the Twilight series) I was sure to love a book about zombies. I'm not sure that line of thought would work under normal circumstances.

But I did really enjoy this book. It was all the fun of rereading Pride and Prejudice (but much more quickly). There was the excitement for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth to finally figure out they love each other, but made funny and exciting by the added twist of a plague of zombies overtaking England. Grahame-Smith did a great job weaving his story of zombies into Austen's original story. I never checked word for word to see if he copied her exact text or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. And he did a great job of mimicking Austen's writing style as he added in his zombie plot. This was much more Austen than I would have expected when I first saw it.

Much to Mrs. Bennet's dismay, her daughters are fighting zombies (as their training in the Orient has taught them to do) rather than chasing husbands. Elizabeth, of course, being the best warrior of her sisters.

It was more funny than gross, but there was much discussion of beheading and some gross descriptions of the dead, brain eating, etc. This book was a little less proper than Austen intended it with some slight sexual innuendo between characters. For instance, whenever balls were mentioned, someone usually blushed due to thinking about the balls possessed by males, not the fancy dances of Austen's original novel. A few characters strayed from their spouses, but it was just mentioned in passing, not described in detail.

I would recommend this story to anyone who likes Jane Austen's original and enjoys a bit of humor. But I would also recommend this story to anyone (like my husband) who would never read Pride and Prejudice, but would find a lot of humor in this version.

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Cristin said...

I have a friend who is reading this and when he told us about it I thought it was a joke! Glad to hear it was actually good.

Erin said...

The cover is so off putting, I don't think I would have ever read it. Now I am interested.

julie said...

If you want to try another zombie book, I recommend Forest of Hands and Teeth.

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