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Saturday, October 17, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Jed is anti-Halloween. Mainly he's against adults dressing up and treating it like a real holiday. The word holiday comes from Holy Day, and Halloween doesn't have a whole lot to do with holiness... does it? But he understands that all it is to our kids is a chance to wear a costume and get an enormous amount of candy, so we celebrate Halloween, to a degree.

If I was going to go all out, and throw a Halloween party of something... this would be the menu:

Orange Party Punch

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Chocolate Spiders

Mummy Face Pizzas

Easy Halloween Truffles

Hot Dog Spaghetti Monster

Candy Corn Cookies

or these Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

Spooky Brownies

Bakerella's Adorable Tiny Pumpkin Pies

Forked Eyeballs

Apple Bites


My Favorite Halloween Treats from last year, including the pumpkin bar above

Pudding Ghosts

My mom's pumpkin cookies

Plus, I found this website with all sorts of fun Halloween foods.

Wow... I could go on and on with all the great and spooky food out there. Good thing I'm not really having a party or I'd be too warn out from all the cooking to enjoy myself.


wendys said...

Yum, I think I would come to that party.

Hazey Bell said...

These are wonderful, if I ever had a party I would surely bake all these things!!

Kellie said...

I just found your blog through MMB. This post is making me drool:) I love Halloween, but I think it's because of the candy and yummy food.

That Lynn Girl said...

I was always taught that on All Hallows Eve,the night before All Saints Day, all the evil spirits were free to roam the earth until midnight. Living kids would dress as witches and goblins in order to trick the "real" ones into leaving them alone, so they wouldn't be snatched away.
No specifics for ya, just a really old memory. LOL Thanks for the adorable treats!

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