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Friday, September 18, 2009

My Kitchen Mishap Story

This is probably my best kitchen mishap story. When I was in college, single and living in the basement of the Arch House with nine other girls, I had about ten recipes I could make well. Most were, of course, desserts.

For a group activity, I had volunteered to bring the treats and decided to make my mom's hot fudge squares. This was a big deal back then, I was still new to cooking and baking. I made the brownies and they were cooling on the coils of the stove (since we didn't have much counter space in our tiny kitchen). You can see where this is going, can't you?

At the last minute, I decided I needed to buy a gallon of milk for everyone to drink with this chocolatey dessert. When I returned, I was greeted by a roommate who informed me that my sheet cake pan caught on fire, setting off the smoke detectors, filling the basement with smoke, etc. Yep. One of my roommates had left a burner on. Somehow I didn't notice this. It actually burnt a hole through the aluminum sheet cake pan, ruining my nice pan and my yummy dessert. I have a picture. I'd hunt it down for you, but all of my photo albums are in our Harry Potter closet under the stairs, and I'm pretty sure that's where all the house centipedes hide out.

Something similar happened to me a few years ago. Again, I was making my mom's hot fudge squares. (Maybe I should shy away from that recipe.) This was in Kansas. Still a tiny kitchen. I was making dinner for my family, hot fudge squares for a birthday cake for one of the girls I taught at church, and something else... I don't remember what. This time it was a square Pyrex glass casserole dish, empty, that was sitting on a stove burner that had mistakenly been left on. When I realized this I grabbed the dish to move it and it exploded. Let me tell you that a 9x9 casserole dish has A LOT of glass in it. It shot glass all over, burnt parts of the floor. PS (only three or four) was standing in the kitchen with me. Amazingly, I only got a couple of cuts on my arm. PS burnt her toe pretty badly on a piece of glass that flew at her feet, but was mostly just scared. It sounded like a bomb exploded. I think that was the scariest part.

Let this be a lesson to you... don't let stuff cool on your stove. And if you have to, make sure all the burners are off.


Matt said...

Yeah, I have burnt crap on burners that were left on before too. The last time, I set a bag of noodles on the burner. NASTY! Plastic smoke and burning dry spaghetti.

All this talk about cooking makes my mouth water for a good crème brûlée... I wish I knew someone who could test out a good recipe for me.

wendys said...

Yikes! Stay away from that recipe!

Kristi said...

Holy Moly! The glass pan exploding sounds like it could have been REALLY bad. I'm glad no one got seriously hurt.

Erin said...

glad you were able to add a picture! That is so crazy! My pizza stone was cracked because I left it on the burner and it had only been used once. But that doesn't compare to exploding glass. Scary!

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