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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Library Rant

It feels wrong to me to complain about libraries... but our library leaves something to desire. It has almost no movies (kid or adult), few TV shows on dvd, all the chapter books are grouped together instead of having early reader chapter books separate from chapter books for preteens. AND... they stick this little red card in every book's (so checking out 30+ books for my family takes FOREVER) little checkout card pocket. But all the card says is info on the library's webpage or else it's blank. And my kids just pull them out and lose them. I asked the librarian once why they have to do it and she informed me it's so they know which books they've checked out already as they are checking books out. Umm... you have a super state of the art bar code reading computer thingy that has a screen that lists all the books you've already scanned. AND, if you scan it a second time, it's going to tell you. Then the librarian whispered, "and they make us do it." Funny. If I wasn't so annoyed that checking out is taking 20 minutes while she stuffs all these little red cards in. She also informed me that when my kids pull them out, I can just bring them back to the library whenever or shove them all in one book, etc. Apparently, the head library people have informed her that these little red cardstock cards are expensive and they don't want to lose them. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

1 comment:

wendys said...

That is just weird. Why waste their time and money?

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