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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I see a new sewing project in my future

This is Buddy at about two and a half years (9/2006) old holding one of his blankeys.

These "blankeys" are actually burp cloths I sewed for him and he grew attached. He still demands sleeping with them, but they can be lost in his bed forever without him noticing. Actually, one ("good blankey") is at his aunt's house right now, we accidentally left it there on our drive to Virginia. He's not too concerned these days. It used to be he had to have both burp cloth blankets in order to sleep. He's growing up.

About a year a a half ago when we were trying to potty train this boy, I promised him that when he was all the way potty trained, I'd sew him a new blanket (since these are tiny, odd shaped burp cloths, after all). He picked out some race car fabric and requested it be slightly bigger than these burp cloths, but still not a blanket size. I made him one that's about two feet by two feet. I had extra fabric so I made Baby X some burp cloths that are about one foot by two feet. Two of them. These turned out to be the burp cloths that Baby X has become attached to. (What's with my kids and burp cloths?) And he's since stolen Buddy's new blanket, assuming it's one of his burp cloths. Luckily, he doesn't demand both burp cloths and the blanket like Buddy. With Buddy, he had to have two burp cloth blankets at all times. With Baby X, I can sneak two away and wash them. I actually try to keep them separate at all times so he doesn't catch on to the fact that there is more than one "blankey." Buddy seemed okay with Baby X stealing his blanket since he wasn't particularly attached to this new blanket either. Really, he just loves fabric. The kid loves fabric as much as I love fabric. Some of his biggest tantrums have been in the fabric store because he wants to buy it all. Me too kid, me too.

Baby X, one year old, (2/2009) with Buddy's blanket that he's claimed as his.

Then Buddy drew this picture:

I'm not sure how clear this will show up since Buddy drew it with PS's pink pen and the paper has since been crumpled. In the bottom right corner is a crossed out Baby X holding Buddy's blanket. The large person in the middle is Buddy. I believe the circle with the plaid square in it is Buddy imagining his blanket.

So Buddy and I went to the fabric store the other day to pick out some new fabric to sew him a new, Baby X free, blanket. I mentioned this kid loves fabric, right. He couldn't decide on just two fabrics. Some how we ended up with 6. He's challenging my sewing abilities. I think I'll attempt something like this, but minus the pockets that make it a weighted picnic blanket.

And a bonus, it only cost me 53 cents. The lady running the register used a $10 off coupon she had. Yea!



Angela said...

I love fabric too, its the sewing part that seems to stump me.

Kristi said...

Great deal! I always wanted my kids to be attached to something, but they never were. (except their thumbs) Looks like fun projects await!

wendys said...

That is cool fabric.

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