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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grocery Store Rant

While I'm ranting, I might as well add this one. The grocery store set-up in our town is crap. There are plenty of grocery stores. We live very near to quite a few of them. But they are all super hard to get in and out of.

Both stores only have one door, (not unusual) but they only have two curb cutouts for carts to leave the store and neither is near the exit. One store has a little iron gate all the way around the front of the store so you have to walk 200 feet along the front of the store to get out into the parking lot, and then there are no parking spots near there.

At the one store, I've twice gotten a cart that has a broken front wheel. It pushes along fine and then all of a sudden comes to a complete, very abrupt and jolting stop slamming me (and usually a kid holding onto the cart) into the cart, and jostling Baby X in the cart. Argh. Then it goes along fine, then stop. And it takes a minute to get it moving again and I'm usually in someone's way. Grocery shopping with three kids is already super annoying, I don't need it to be more so.

The grocery store nearest our house has a billion self-checkout lanes and one or two lanes with a clerk. Sort of cool, except when I'm buying $80 in groceries and only two lanes have a clerk and they both have super long lines. Plus, Princess Sparkley and Buddy aren't the best baggers (which is what happens when I use the self-checkout lane). One of the clerk manned lanes is a "family friendly lane" with no candy and no magazines (since PS keeps telling me she can't stop herself from reading the magazines at the grocery checkout lane, this would be nice). But the line is always monstrous since it's one of two clerk run lanes. Argh!!!


wendys said...

I always go to a store that you have to bag groceries yourself and it is definitely hard with the kids running around!

Erin said...

I love the idea of the kid friendly aisle. I wish every store did that.

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