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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Creme Brulee Delay

I've promised Mormon Scientist aka Matt a Creme Brulee. Here's the delay:

All the recipes I can find call for the use of ramekins and a torch. I own neither and don't plan to buy them.

I rarely use a broiler. Most of the ovens I've used have a heat setting that says "broiler," that I would sometimes use for cheesey garlic bread, or melting cheese on hard rolls for BBQ beef sandwiches. But my new oven has a little drawer underneath it that is the broiler. I'm a bit nervous to use it. And if I don't have a torch, the other way to get the carmelized sugar on top of Creme Brulee is to put it in the broiler for a bit.

While I don't own ramekins, I do own the Pampered Chef Prep Bowl Set. Not quite the same, but I think it'll work. I was about to start making the Creme Brulee tonight when I thought tha I should make sure the Prep Bowls can go in the broiler. They can't. BUT, the recipe only calls for them to be in the broiler for under 5 minutes... do you think that would be okay?

I thought about using a shallow pie plate or oval Pampered Chef stoneware baking dish that I have, but they both recommend against use in the broiler as well.

But I'm working on it and I've bought all the ingredients. So... someday, before my heavy whipping cream reaches its sell by date, there will be Creme Brulees.


wendys said...

I've always wanted to by ramekins but have never bought them. I think I would check DI or your local thrift store for some before risking a nice pampered chef bowl in the oven!

Matt said...

I think it would be fine for a minute...

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