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We've moved!

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Friday, August 07, 2009

We're Not In Kansas Any More*

After packing up all of our earthly belongings** into a 26 foot truck, we drove halfway across the country (about 1,300 miles over 4 days) to our new home in Virginia. We survived the trip. Jed and I single handedly unloaded the truck by ourselves (including a ginormous desk that has to weigh 4 times as much as me, a super heavy filing cabinet, a California King sized bed which we had to practically fold to make it take the bend in our new stairway, a refrigerator and about 15,000 boxes). Our kids have adjusted well. They stayed with Jed's sister while we signed our lease and moved all the stuff in. When we picked them up the next day and brought them home it was a mess, but Baby X was especially excited to recognize stuff like our couch and our table. Princess Sparkley is in heaven because two doors down is a family with FOUR girls aged 7.5, 6, 4 and 2 and they all (except the toddler) have hair to the waists. She may never let me cut her hair again. Buddy doesn't mind that their new friends are all girls. Was the situation reversed, PS would be complaining about how unfair it was. I've driven around town on more than one occassion without getting lost. And, we already each have our own new library card. We're set. I just need to take care of some little things like changing our address with all of our credit cards, subscriptions, etc. as well as getting our internet set-up. So far, it seems like getting approved to live here, signing the lease, and getting the internet working ... oh, and the drive out here, will be the hardest things yet. But those are stories for other days. Right now we are here, and tomorrow we're setting out to explore our nation's capital.

*Thanks Cristin for the title.

**I'm fairly certain that I still have some books, roller skates, and Barbies at my parents house. And that's just what I remember. And along the way we picked up 12 boxes of books and some random childhood memorabilia from Jed's parents' home.


Cristin said...

I was watching "The Incredibles" the other day where his wife says, "I just unpacked the last box! We're finally moved in." Mr. Incredible says, "It's been 3 years!"

That is how I feel about moving. It takes like 3 years to get settled. Of course we usually change places about every 2, so... yeah. Good luck with adjusting. Virgina sounds like an exciting change!

Malissa said...

I'm glad you made it! Isn't Virginia beautiful!?! A part of me is jealous and missing VA. Have a great day in D.C. Such a fun place to explore!
Our news around here is that we're moving...again....the moving van gets here Wed. I think I'm ahead of schedule with half the house packed already. It must be the expertise I've gained the past year with 2 other moves:)

Erin said...

I can't believe you are already off to see the capitol. Have fun!

wendys said...

I'm glad to hear you finally got there! I think it's awesome that one of the first things on your list was to get library cards.

Kristi said...

I'm glad you are getting settled. The first two weeks after a move, I'm always convinced it was a huge mistake to move and I want move back. After that I am fine. It sounds like you are doing well.

Angela said...

Yeah you made it! It sounds like my fear of change hasn't rubbed off on you, thank goodness. I usually cry for a few days when we move, I guess you know that from first hand experience already:)

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