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Monday, August 17, 2009


Tomorrow will mark two weeks in our Virginia home. And I think we're starting to be settled. Buddy even told me yesterday on the way home from church that he never wants to move from here. That's a huge improvement from our move from California to Kansas when PS was three and she told us for 2 1/2 years that she still hated Kansas and liked California better.

Jed moved the mess that was left downstairs up to our room earlier today, so now, the downstairs in perfectly clean. My bedroom looks like a tornado hit, but we're not in Kansas anymore, so I suppose it looks like a tropical storm or hurricane hit, but without the water. I have only unpacked about 1/4 of the kids toys (they haven't really noticed other than a beloved item here or there) and none of the games. Baby X's room is part storage room, filled about a quarter with boxes of out-grown baby clothes, and the book boxes that we don't have shelves for, or places for the shelves. His closet is holding the game and toy boxes I'm refusing to unpack.

What keeps driving me nuts is the one little item I can't find. First it was my pizza cutter. I noticed it was missing and if one little kitchen item was missing, that meant there was another whole box of kitchen stuff missing. Then I found the pizza cutter already put away in a cupboards... phew. Next it was the toothbrush holder, which meant that there was still an entire bathroom box missing. And while we gained 300 square feet in this move, the bathrooms here are much smaller, so another box of stuff I needed to figure out how to cram into a bathroom was not good news. I eventually found it, upside down, with the box's old label "picture frames with glass" facing up. Now I can't find Jed's souvenir pencil collection. Not really such a big deal, except it is also where every working pen and pencil we own is with all the other missing office stuff that I can't even remember.

So, we're mostly settled, but not completely. I'm just crossing my fingers that my room isn't always the one messy room in the house. Our bedroom in Kansas was only clean two times in the entire time we lived there.

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Kristi said...

You are doing great! If it makes you feel better, I have a box that is sitting at the bottom of a closet 4 years later. I've looked it in a couple of times, to see if I could just chuck the whole box. Nope, there's some good stuff in there. Good stuff I never ever use. Maybe I'll go take another look. Garbage day is Thurs.

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